Elastomeric anti-vibration mounts


Discover Paulstra Industry's range of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts to combat the noise, vibration and shock caused by the operation of various industrial equipment.

The use of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts isolates the machines from their direct environment. Besides improving the sound comfort of the room, the use of this type of anti-vibration solution increases the life of the equipment, which is much less affected by vibrations and the resulting damage.

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Reduced vibration and noise with elastomeric vibration mounts

Would you like to reduce the vibration and noise of your machines? As a European market leader in vibration and sound insulation solutions, Paulstra Industry offers a complete range of elastomeric vibration isolation mounts.

Paulstra anti-vibration solutions

Our technical products address vibration and noise issues for various industrial applications. The anti-vibration mounts developed and designed by Paulstra meet different needs for the vibration and sound insulation of electrical networks, machine tools, processors, motors, slabs and floating floors... The need to equip their machines and vehicles with elastomeric anti-vibration mounts can be found in almost all industrial sectors

Vibrations and nuisances on industrial equipment

Every device generates vibrations through the operation of its engine, which can cause noise that can slow down production in your business. In order to reduce the vibrations and noise induced by the operation of machines and to improve the comfort of your technicians, anti-vibration mounts are essential. Paulstra's anti-vibration solutions also reduce noise caused by friction and bearings in your machine components.

Furthermore, vibrations can have a negative impact on the longevity of your machines. In fact, the micro-shocks caused can, in the long term, lead to failures or even major breakdowns of the machines. Using elastomeric anti-vibration mounts will protect your equipment and extend its life.

Paulstra Industry Elastomeric Vibration Mounts

As a specialist in this European market, Paulstra Industry offers its skills and expertise to guide you towards the choice of the most suitable elastomeric anti-vibration solutions for your needs. Our wide range of 50 different technical parts enables us to address the entire spectrum of industrial issues. All Paulstra elastomeric mounts, such as cylindrical stops and anti-vibration mounts, have excellent damping capabilities.

  • Anti-vibration hanger
  • Anti-vibration block
  • Anti-vibration plate
  • Anti-vibration foot mount
  • Silent engine block and engine mount

Check out Paulstra Industry's complete range of elastomeric vibration mounts as well as our range


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