Dynamic mechanical sealing solution

Reduce leakage from your machines with dynamic sealing solutions

Dynamic sealing is described as the prevention of leakage between two mechanical parts in motion relative to each other. Paulstra Industry, an expert in anti-vibration solutions and dynamic seals, invites you to discover the two solutions of its range: the wiper seals and the Radial shaft seal.

Wiper seals are seals made of a nitrile-based elastomer and are generally used for linear dynamic applications. They prevent any infiltration of dust or fluids, such as petrol, detergent, grease and lubricants, oil, etc.

A Radial shaft seal is also known in France as an SPI seal, are named after the company that designed this type of seal "Société de Perfectionnement Industriel.” This type of dynamic seal is also known as a lip seal. Radial shaft seals are used to ensure a perfect seal on machinery parts that operate on a rotational movement.

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The different types of mechanical sealing

Single or double mechanical sealing

A single mechanical seal refers to a seal that prevents the flow of fluid from one enclosure to another. On the other hand, if the seal is to block the flow of any other fluid contained in the second enclosure to the first, the seal must be made in both directions. This is known as double mechanical sealing.

Dynamic or static sealing

Dynamic or static sealing is determined according to the characteristics of the mechanical parts connected by a seal. If the two parts likely to leak are fixed to each other, it is a static seal. However, when the two mechanical parts of a machine are in motion relative to each other (rotary or linear), it is a dynamic seal.

When it comes to dynamic sealing, we are dealing with only two kinds of relative movements, which can be combined:

  • linear translation (relative sliding of a piston in a cylinder)
  • rotation (relative rotation around a common shaft axis in a hub or housing).

What is the difference between the seal and the dynamic seal?

A seal is a device that prevents the passage of fluid from an adjacent enclosure. When it comes to ensuring a seal between two mechanical parts that are in motion relative to each other, the term "dynamic seal" is used.

Paulstra Industry offers two dynamic sealing solutions based on decades of research and engineering. These seals (wiper seal and Radial shaft seal) are well suited for industrial applications. Their use prevents leakage on machines and appliances, as well as any infiltration of dust and impurities into their mechanism.

IGS files and 3D views are available on every product page of our dynamic seals, tab "IGS files and 3D views".

As an expert in anti-vibration solutions, Paulstra Industry also offers a wide range of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts.

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