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Paulstra's antivibration mounts are designed for a wide range of applications

Hutchinson Paulstra, leader in vibration and acoustic insulation, offers you the opportunity to discover the various applications for its products. From elevators to compressors, ceilings and piping, we have several anti-vibration solutions to meet all your problems and needs.

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Electric cupboards

The cupboard or the electric box are essential on every industrial or tert…

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An elevator is a mobile equipment used for the vertical transportation of …

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This is a device mixing and beating various substances (in particular cere…

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In order to improve the comfort of the pilot, cabins must be protected by …

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Acoustic casing

The setting of antivibration mounts under machines allows to isolate the s…

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Air conditioners

Air conditioners are equipped with compressors or ventilators generating l…

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The air compressors are sources of important vibrations. Therefore, they r…

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Containers & Packing

The transportation of sensitive and fragile equipments needs the use of sp…

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The dynamic forces (vibration and shocks) and the movements created to ins…

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Slabs and floating floors

The antivibration mountings produced by Paulstra for the slab and suspende…

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Electronic equipments

Electronic equipments, as hard disk drive or electronic components, are ve…

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Onboard or not, gensets are an important source of noise and vibrations. P…

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Machine tools

Conventional (lathe, milling machine) or with a numerical control (centre …

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Control and measuring machines

Whether for the pressure, the temperature, the flatness, the surface condi…

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Onboard Equipments

Communication units, power groups, converters, hard drives, monitors, air …

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Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipments are generally sensitive to the outside vibrations. T…

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First source of vibration in a vehicle, a machine tool, a motor-pump or an…

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False ceilings or suspended ceilings, apart from their decorative aspect, …

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Suction systems or dischargers of fluids, pumps are widely deployed, wheth…

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Installed in industrial halls and motorized, they allow equipments and hea…

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Power press

Stamping, cutting, moulding presses vibrate and leads to a noxiousness for…

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The power conversion for an industrial using, public or private requires h…

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A large, funnel-shaped device that serves as the entryway for stocking and…

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Fluid movement into the pipes vibrates. Then the vibrations go from the pi…

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Starting with acoustic insulation, this is important because it protects you from external noise caused by friction, bearings, and any other movement caused by the movement of materials.

In order to avoid too high and potentially annoying noise levels, the use of acoustic insulation products is essential.

Anti-vibration products, as the name suggests, prevent vibration and noise from occurring. These anti-vibration products will be used to reduce noise and vibration caused by the different equipment on which they are positioned.

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