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Paulstra's antivibration mounts are designed for a wide range of applications

Hutchinson Paulstra, leader in vibration and acoustic insulation, offers you the opportunity to discover the various applications for its products. From elevators to compressors, ceilings and piping, we have several anti-vibration solutions to meet all your problems and needs.

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Electrical enclosures

The electrical enclosure is constructed as a cabinet or box. They are esse…

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A lift is a mobile device used to move people and objects up and down defi…

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The shredder is a device used for crushing, grinding or shredding various …

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Machine cabins

To improve driver comfort, machine cabins should be protected with anti-vi…

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Metal machine enclosures

Installing anti-vibration mounts underneath the machines isolates the stru…

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Air conditioning - AHU

Industrial air handling units (AHUs) are often installed in buildings or o…

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Air compressors, which are often piston-driven, are major sources of vibra…

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Containers and packaging

It is crucial to take into account the fact that containers and packaging …

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Screens produce high dynamic forces (forced vibrations and shocks) and mov…

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Slabs and floating floors

It is necessary to insulate from acoustic and acoustical and vibratory sla…

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Electronic equipments

Electronic equipment, such as hard disks and electronic components, are ve…

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Generators, whether mounted or not, are a major source of vibration and no…

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Machine tools

All machine tools generate vibrations, whether they are “conventional” (la…

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Testing equipment

Different testing devices require a very high degree of accuracy, whether …

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Embedded equipment

Embedded equipment includes communication units, generators, transformers,…

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Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment is usually made up of equipment that is sensitive to …

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The motor is the primary source of vibration in a vehicle, machine tool, m…

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False or suspended ceilings, apart from their decorative aspect, allow the…

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Pumps are widely used, whether stationary or embedded in fluid suction or …

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Overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are tools that are regularly installed in industrial halls…

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Presses and shears

The various presses, shears, stamping or moulding machines generally gener…

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The transformation of electrical power, whether for industrial, public, or…

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Hoppers are funnels that allow the storage and controlled distribution of …

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The circulation of fluids in pipes generates vibrations that can be transm…

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Air cooler

Air coolers are often installed in buildings or on roofs in industries, of…

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Fans are often installed in buildings or on roofs in industry, offices, sh…

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Heat pump

Heat pumps are often installed in buildings or on roofs in industries, off…

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Vibrating Table

A vibrating table consists of a vibrating part (plate) on which industrial…

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The vibration-damping mounts offered by Hutchinson Paulstra, whether it is flexible mounts, acoustic foams, metal mountings, flexible blushes, flexible couplings or dynamic sealings, will improve the vibro-acoustic insulation of your equipment.

Vibration isolation
Vibrations can lead to premature dysfonctions on many industrial machines and equipment. In fact, over long periods of time, vibrations can cause : interval between different parts, lead to the displacement of transmission shafts, or the abnormal friction of two elements.
By auditing the vibration sources of your installations and correcting them with the appropriate vibration mounts, you significantly increase your equipement life and the propagation of vibrations to surrounding equipments.

Acoustic isolation
Vibrations are normal during the operation of a machine, but they can cause significant nuisances. The multiple bearings and friction of materials lead to noise levels that can be very high and annoying, or even involve a danger for your teams. 
The installation of adapted anti-vibration solutions will reduce the noise level of your equipments and allow everyone to gain in productivity by working in a suitable environment.

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