VIB VHD 75 - Hight loads - Elastomer mount

Marine suspension

Navy mount shockproof antivibratory, hight loads and very hight deflection.

Elastomer isolators designed for acoustic isolation and shock protection.




► Intrinsically stable under impact, that is to say that they allow the mass to return to its initial position; the system does not retain any plastic deformation or residual buckling when the stresses of the impact have disappeared.
► The suspended mass can therefore undergo several successive shocks without risk. However, the stability of the assembly must be checked beforehand in relation to the relative positions of the supports and the centre of gravity of the suspended mass.
► The PAULSTRA marine supports also offer excellent vibratory and acoustic performance.


Marine support shall perform the following functions:
► Maintien de la masse suspendue en l'absence de choc avec une capacité d'isolation vibratoire et/ou acoustique;
► In case of shocks: limitation of force and/or displacement to acceptable values;
► After shocks: return of the suspended mass to its initial position.

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