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Hutchinson Paulstra's range of all-metal shock absorbers features a key element, the 'metal cushion', made from knitted and pressed stainless steel wire.

Metal shock absorbers have high damping characteristics, ranging from 10 to 20% depending on the use and high mechanical strength, which complements their properties.

Unaffected by greasy fluids, corrosive products, weathering and temperature, metal shock absorbers can withstand temperatures between -70°C and +300°C without any change in their characteristics.

Paulstra's metal shock absorbers consist of springs that generate very low resonance frequencies of around 3 Hz, resulting in attenuations of up to 98% for machines running at low speeds.

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Hutchinson Paulstra metal anti-vibration mounts are used to eliminate noise and vibration from mechanical machinery. Industrial, electrical, medical... metallic anti-vibration mounts correspond to several types of applications and machines such as air conditioners or compressors.


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How metal vibration mounts work

Metal vibration mounts are designed to absorb machine vibrations. This means that shocks and noise are considerably reduced on the machines. The mounts can be attached to the machines or inserted between the machine and the supporting slab. The anti-vibration mounts act as a "mass-spring" system.

The advantages of metal mounts

Metal vibration mounts offer a substantial return on investment They absorb low and high-frequency vibrations for various purposes.

We offer various models of metal vibration mounts to suit your needs. All our mounts are suitable for controlling various types of vibrations.

The anti-vibration mounts protect not only the machines but also the surrounding structures.

Apart from this range, you can also find all our.

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