Batra® ring

Stackable rings, anti vibration and shock.

The BATRA® ring comprises a rubber ring bonded to two metallic washers one with a circular groove, the other with a mating circular ridge which allows BATRA® rings to be mounted one on top of another.
BATRA® rings may be used:

For making suspensions that are very flexible vertically and also damped by the natural properties of the rubber (road and rail vehicles).

For making very effective anti
    -shock buffers (wagons, cars, gantries).
For special applications, where the quantities would justify custom manufacture, it is possible to supply Special BATRA® rings either with only one bonded lower armature or “all rubber”.
For special cases of shock, there are Special BATRA® rings with overlapping, non
    -bonded, armatures.




The design of the BATRA® ring gives the following basic characteristics:

Behaviour identical to that of a metallic spring plus damper.


    - well behaved under shock.

    - removal of the risks of suspension collapse.

Flexibility easily tailored by stacking BATRA® rings.

Transverse creep limited by the two bonded armatures..

No IGS sheet and 3D


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