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Need anti-vibration products or acoustic insulation?

Antivibratory, acoustic, coupling and sealing products ranges

Our product range provides technical solutions to respond to your noise, vibration, sealing, misalignment of shafts and torque irregularity problematic.

Elastomeric anti-vibration mounts

Discover Paulstra Industry's range of elastomeric…

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Acoustic foams

The STRASONIC® range of soundproofing foams inclu…

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Metal anti-vibration mounts

Hutchinson Paulstra's range of all-metal shock ab…

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Flexible couplings

The flexible coupling is an anti-vibration mount …

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Rubber bushing

Rubber bushing, or “silentbloc” as it is known in…

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Dynamic mechanical sealing solution

Dynamic sealing is described as the prevention of…

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Active control systems

Hutchinson Paulstra designs and develops active a…

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