Rubber bushing

Increase the life of machines with anti-vibration solutions

Rubber bushing, or “silentbloc” as it is known in France, is made of a flexible material that will completely absorb the shocks and vibrations between several mechanical parts. As a result, the anti-vibration mount will not only improve comfort when using the machine but also increase its life span. Vibrations cause continuous micro-shocks which prematurely damage the parts of the equipment and their direct environment.

Paulstra Industry offers a wide range of rubber bushing: simple, flanged, laminated, honeycomb, swirl or special. Our wide range of bushing can be adapted to your individual needs, whatever your sector of activity.

IGS files and 3D views are available on every product page, in the "IGS files and 3D views" tab. This allows you to assess and verify if the part's characteristics correspond to your needs.

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What is rubber bushing?

Rubber bushing has several names. It is known as "antivibration mounting", "flexible mounting" or simply "bushing". In France it is also known as “silentbloc” its original name was invented by Paulstra Industry and has now become part of the everyday French language. The name given to the bushing depends on its function in connection with the different machinery parts.

Rubber bushing is the most common type of anti-vibration mount used in compression, where several elements support the weight of the moving part, sandwiched with the supporting structure. To prevent the mechanical part from coming out of its housing, it is possible to add a fastening system coupled with a spring to the rubber bushing

Paulstra Industry also offers a range of flexible couplings to limit the vibrations generated by the transmission.

Rubber bushing Composition

Rubber bushing is an advantageous replacement for the mechanical joint in the case of shafts generating oscillating or pivoting movements of limited amplitude. Rubber bushing consists of an elastomer ring, pre-compressed between two cylindrical frames. This design eliminates the need for regular greasing of the part and simplifies maintenance operations.

The precompression of the rubber bush also allows maximum absorption of vibrations and thus optimal protection of the machinery parts in action.

Rubber bushing, a major industrial innovation

The development of rubber bushings in the industrial sector has led to improvements comparable to those achieved by rolling bearings. These have considerably reduced the wear and friction of the continuously rotating parts, which has led to a significant reduction in the wear and tear of the machinery concerned and in noise pollution.

Rubber bushing solve vibration problems even more radically than rolling bearings. These anti-vibration mounts completely eliminate possible play on the machinery parts and isolate high-frequency vibrations.

Paulstra Industry anti-vibration solutions

Paulstra Industry is both an expert and a pioneer in the field of anti-vibration mounts. Call on our specialists to audit your requirements and determine the most suitable bushing for you from our wide range of rubber bushes.


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