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Anti-vibration solutions for machine tools

All machine tools generate vibrations, whether they are “conventional” (lathes, milling machines, etc.) or digitally-controlled machines (machining centres, for example).
To comply with current regulations and to improve the comfort of operators, Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a whole range of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions. In addition to limiting machine tool vibrations and reducing noise levels, Paulstra's vibro-acoustic products help to maintain manufacturing quality and thus improve machine durability.

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Vibration sound level and machine tool condition

The level of vibro-acoustic level is highly dependent on the operating condition of the machine tools from which it originates. Thus, while all conventional and digital machines emit vibrations, the intensity of these vibrations changes over time.

For example, a new machine in good working condition will emit little vibration and its noise level will be very low. However, over time, the machine tool will transfer more solid-borne vibration, which will increase its noise level.

These vibrations can have several origins but are always related to the wear of the functional parts of a tool. This is because rotors and shafts may be out of balance, while clearances may have increased between two parts. A consequence of the increase in these vibrational-acoustic nuisances is that the machine tools are driven into an escalation of wear and tear: the greater the vibrations, the greater the risk of premature damage to the machine.

In addition to impairing the operation and longevity of the tool, solid-borne vibration causes significant noise pollution that is detrimental to machine operators.

Paulstra anti-vibration solutions

To preserve the manufacturing quality of your machine tools and the working conditions of your operators, Paulstra has developed a complete range of anti-vibration solutions. We offer a wide range of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts, metal mounts, acoustic foams and dynamic sealing solutions. Machine foot, sandwich mounts, flexible coupling, wiper seal...

Contact us to carry out a vibro-acoustic audit of your machine tools and define together the most suitable solutions for your specific application.

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