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Anti-vibration solutions for air conditioning

Industrial air handling units (AHUs) are often installed in buildings or on roofs in industries, offices, shopping centres, data centres, hotels, public authorities, etc. They are equipped with compressors and/or fans that generate low-frequency vibrations. This can lead to vibration levels that can weaken load-bearing structures and acoustic pollution that can cause health problems. Hutchinson Paulstra offers a wide range of anti-vibration suspensions to address these issues.


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What is an air conditioning system?

An air conditioning system, also known as an air handling unit or AHU, is a key technical element. It has several practical applications such as:

  • air heating or cooling,
  • air humidification or dehumidification.

The AHU is used in all types of applications, from industrial premises to tertiary buildings and transport.

When air conditioning is used in buildings, the AHU is usually installed on the roof. The air conditioner's compressors or fans can then generate low-frequency vibrations that can, in the long term, weaken the building's supporting structure.

On the contrary, an air handling unit onboard a bus, train, truck, plane, etc., must be protected from possible shocks and vibrations during travel. These could affect passenger comfort and shorten the air conditioner's life span.

Paulstra anti-vibration solutions

To protect the air-conditioning and AHU elements, on the one hand, the strength of the building's supporting structures on the other hand and finally the comfort of potential users, Hutchinson Paulstra has designed a wide range of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions.

Many elements can be involved in the vibrations and shocks generated or experienced by an air conditioner, which is why our R&D department has developed a complete range of components.

The anti-vibration and acoustic solutions distributed by Paulstra are suitable for a variety of uses. Would you like to be guided in finding the most suitable ones for you? Contact us.

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