Mount 22000

Safe Antivibration support, for mobile applications, held in compression and expansion, oil resistant.

The 22000 mount is made of two parts of elastomer bonded to a central tube.

Interior reinforced: cylindrical tube;
Elastomer: chloroprene. Range of five different stiffnesses.




Good isolation against structural noises;
Chloroprene resistant to oils;
Simple and economical;
Simple to fix;
Five sizes for a load capacity under axial pressure from 15 to 2100 kg and under radial pressure until 650 kg;
Anti-rebound effect when it is assembled with a washer.


The design of the 22000 mount gives the following basic characteristics;
Elastomer element resistant to oils, supporting axial and radial loadings;
Axial to radial stiffness of 1: 1;
Absorb vibrations and reduce noise in all directions.

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Applications for this product

Machine cabins

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