Paulstra Sales Training

Discover our training for sales distributor

Sell Paulstra's antivibratory products cannot be improvised !

You are Paulstra Sales Supplier ?

Your objectives are to discover new prospects, meet your customers' expectations and of course increase your turnover.

Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a concrete and professional training allowing your teams to increase their sales performance of Paulstra's anti-vibration products.
Based on our sales people’s experience, practical case efficiency and individual follow-up, Paulstra Sales Training guarantees you privileged access to its expertise to develop together your performance indicators. In addition, we believe that the success of a training course is not just a few hours of lectures.

We focus on interactivity: trainer/participants, personalized monitoring and the quality of our media. We make every effort to support you in the success of your objectives.

Qualifications targeted

  • Understand the value of antivibratory
  • Know the relevant applications
  • Detect real potentials
  • Identify the right contacts
  • Know how to ask the right questions
  • Know how to give the right arguments to arouse the interest of your client
  • Mastering the argument on the antivibratory Paulstra
  • Effectively address key customer objections

Performance Indicators

  • Commercial Prospection
  • Prise de contact
  • Customer development
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer relationship

Essentials of training

  • Validation of learning by interactive practical cases
  • A guide to appropriating the methods treated
  • Definition of targets on an individual journey log
  • Personalized monitoring of your performance

Need a training or more informations ?

Training modalities

  • Time : a day
  • For who : internal and external sales teams :
    • taking office
    • wishing to consolidate and enrich a first know-how
  • Effective : 8 to 12 trainees per groups
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