Data Sheets

Each of our products has its technical data sheet

Our Elastomer Mounts

Hutchinson Paulstra proposes a complete range of elastomeric antivibration mounts to isolate noise, shock and vibrations ; to allow machine isolation and to protect the environment.


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Our Acoustic Foams

STRASONIC ® is a range of complex insulations and acoustics foams of polyurethane or cellular rubbers. Their main function is the reduction of the airborne noises (insulation, absorption and damping) by means of the partial or complete acoustic casings.


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Our Metal Mountings

Vibrachoc have a range of all steel mounting whose essential element is the « steel cushion » made from woven stainless steel wire and compressed.


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Our Flexible Bushes

The flexible bush replaces the mechanical linkage in the case of oscillation movements or pivoting movements of limited amplitude. 


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Our Flexible Couplings

In particular, a flexible coupling is absolutely essential if the machines that are coupled are on flexible mountings.


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Our Dynamic Sealings

An element forms a sealing function when it prevents the passage of a fluid from a one enclosure to another. 


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