Measuring Process

Find solutions for noise and vibration reduction

Solution for noise and vibration reduction

Hutchinson Paulstra brings to you his experience for the measurement, with the target to bring you a “vibroacoustic” diagnostic of your installation and to help you in the implementation of solutions in your environment. Hutchinson Paulstra uses a multiways range of recorders that allows the analysis of your needs, from the easiest to the most advanced, inside or outside and for stationary or embarked equipment. 

Our services : 



  • Site displacement
  • Vibratory recording
  • Analyzing of the results by our experts
  • Handing in a detailed report and proposing of the antivibration and acoustic solutions


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It is normal for any equipment to emit or transmit vibrations, whether solid or aerial. However, powerful or too long vibrations can directly or indirectly damage your industrial machines.

Indeed, vibrations can lead to:

  • premature wear of a device,
  • movement of pieces
  • decrease in the efficiency of a machine
  • noise

Thus, by detecting the sources of  vibration in your installation as soon as possible and applying the appropriate anti-vibration patches ( elastomeric or metallic vibration mounts, studs, feet, acoustic foams, etc.), you not only improve the long-term performance of your equipment, but also the working comfort of your teams.

 The installation of adapted anti-vibration solutions will reduce the noise level of your equipments and allow everyone to gain in productivity by working in a suitable environment.


Want to maximize the performance of your machines? Contact our experts to perform a vibroacoustic audit.

Need vibro-acoustic analysis ?

Whether it is to identify your needs or evaluate the performance of the equipment in place, our vibro-acoustic analysis will provide you with solutions.


Hutchinson Paulstra is the expert in anti-vibration solutions and supports. We offer a wide range of elastomeric vibration mounts, vibratory feet, sandwich mounts, silent motor block, etc.), metallic(metal cushions), acoustic foams and dynamic seals.


Our company also offers many services for professonals, in order to promote the earlyidentification of deleterious vibratory sources within the installation, and their rapid installation of suitable solution.


Discover also our technical recommendations, training and our software Paulstrasoft.

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