S.C. Mount

Anti-vibration mount, safe for mobile applications, full-width range.

The S.C. mount comprises an annular section bonded between the inner tube and outer housing. The outer housing has a mounting flange (4 different types).




Extensive range:
3 hardnesses of rubber for 20 existing types, allowing the mounting to be optimised as a function of the load and exciting frequency.


The design of the S.C. mount gives the following basic characte-ristics:
Axial elasticity four times higher than radial elasticity;
The rubber works in shear;
Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload, provided that a large metal washer is used to bear against the rubber dome;
Can be used as a fail safe assembly when fitted as in shape 1.

IGS sheet and 3D

Access to all 3D files

Applications for this product

Machine cabins

Containers and packaging


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Paulstrasoft software allows you to determine the anti-vibration solution that meets your expectations.


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Catalogue Paulstra Industriy 2019

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