About Paulstra Industry

Hutchinson Paulstra, European leader in the vibration and acoustic insulation

Hutchinson Paulstra, European leader in the vibration and acoustic insulation


Since 1934, Paulstra develops leading-edge expertise in the vibro-acoustic field. The adventure started in aviation, when founder Jean-Félix Paulsen devised suspension Dynaflex to address the delicate problem of the transmission of vibrations to aircraft wings.
The first manufacture has been open at Châteaudun in 1937 then followed at Segré in 1961. Hutchinson, which is a manufacturer of natural rubber, bought in 1974, the Paulstra society. On this same year, TOTAL took majority shareholding in the Hutchinson’s group.
In 1994, Paulstra’s acquired Vibrachoc, which is a specialized business on metallic suspension.

The solution to vibration problems

Hutchinson Paulstra’s range of product provides technical solutions to respond to your noise, vibration, sealing, misalignment of shafts and torque irregularity problematic. There are more than 3 000 references spread on five kinds of products:

  • Elastomer mounts
  • Metal mount
  • Flexible bushes
  • Flexible coupling
  • Dynamic sealing

European leader in the vibration and acoustic insulation, the Hutchinson Paulstra® anti-vibration systems cater to all sectors (Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Marine, Offshore, Defense, General Industry) and fit all types of vibrations.
To fulfill all specification precisely, Hutchinson Paulstra provide custom solutions for every type of material whenever the type of material.

A powerful industrial tool

We have complete industrial means including:

  • A fleet of 150 presses up to 4000 tons
  • A workshop manufacturing metal dampers
  • An air-conditioned metrology room
  • Dynamic and environmental testing laboratories
  • Materials laboratories

Technical support

Hutchinson Paulstra brings you tailor-made expertise with a vibratory and acoustic diagnostic as well as the implemented of the suspension for your equipment.
The commercial teams study your vibratory problematic and realized technical recommendation suitable to your projects.

Certification qualité

Hutchinson Paulstra acquired many certifications as:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

EN 9100 (Aéronautique)

IRIS (Ferroviaire)

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