GB 530 Mounts - Elastomer mount

Marine suspension

Antivibration and schock mount for navy, UK standards.

The GB530 comprises of one part in elastomer bonded to a base plate and a tapped steel core (a non magnetic version is also available).




Can provide high deflection under shocks
Long life
Low natural frequency (5 Hz in axial)
Low amplification at resonance.(8 at 10)


Marine support shall perform the following functions:
► Maintenance of the suspended mass in the absence of shock with a vibratory and/or acoustic insulation capacity;
► In case of shocks: limitation of force and/or displacement to acceptable values;
► After shocks: return of the suspended mass to its initial position.

IGS sheet and 3D

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Applications for this product

Electrical enclosures

Electronic equipments

Testing equipment

Embedded equipment



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