Anti-vibration solutions for pumps

Pumps are widely used, whether stationary or embedded in fluid suction or delivery systems. Often motorised, they generate significant vibrations. The anti-vibration systems offered by Hutchinson Pausltra make it possible to reduce their nuisance and extend the life of the rotating elements.


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What is a motorised pump?

A motorised pump is a machine tool that allows the process of pumping (moving a liquid from one point to another) without the need for any human intervention. To function, the motorised pump must have three essential elements:

  • A heat engine or electric motor, which provides the energy.
  • A drive shaft, which transmits power from the motor to the pump.
  • The pump itself, transmits the accumulated power to the fluid and draws it out.

There are two types of pumps: transfer pumps and dosing pumps.

Advantages and disadvantages of motorised pumps

Motorised pumps can operate continuously without the need for human intervention or presence. They are very easy to use and require regular and careful maintenance to ensure a long life. It is important to pay attention to the sizing of your motorised pump: a pump that is oversized for its intended use will see its efficiency decrease and wear out sooner. On the other hand, a petrol pump should only be used in the case of an installation that operates for a short period and requires a low output. For all industrial applications, electric or diesel pumps are preferred.

Pumps and vibrations

Motorised pumps emit vibrations that, if used intensively over a long period, can cause premature damage to the machine. Depending on whether or not other tools are present in the direct vicinity of the pump, they may also be affected by the vibrations. Lastly, the vibrations emitted by the pump motor cause noise pollution for the operators.

Paulstra's anti-vibration solutions

The anti-vibration solutions developed by Hutchinson Paulstra ensure that your motorised pumps remain operational and long-lasting. The insulation of the vibration-emitting functional elements, but also of the pump itself from its direct surroundings, neutralises the vibration-acoustic nuisance. Paulstra offers a complete range of elastomeric vibration mounts, metallic vibration mounts, acoustic foams, elastic couplings and dynamic sealing solutions for a wide range of uses where pumps are installed on board or in fixed positions.

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