Our services

Paulstra's products are present in many applications, some of which are more complex and require more thought.

We support you on the one hand with the technical recommendations of our sales department and on the other hand, by providing you with Paulstrasoft, a software and mobile application allowing you to measure the frequency of a machine in operation or to analyze your data directly from our software.

Our engineers are also able to offer you a vibration measurement service on site and to provide you with vibration and acoustic solutions.


Discover now all the services offered by Hutchinson Paulstra.

Measuring Process

Hutchinson Paulstra offers you its measuring experience to provide you with a vibro-acoustic diagnosis of your installations, and to assist you in the implementation of improvement solution.

Technical Recommendations

The Hutchinson Paulstra’s commercial teams escort you in the right choice of product for your project.


Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a concrete, professional training, allowing sales teams to increase their sales performance about anti-vibration products.

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