Flexible couplings

Hutchinson-Paulstra's anti-vibration solutions for industrial purposes

The flexible coupling is an anti-vibration mount that allows transmitting torque from a driving shaft to a driven shaft while limiting the vibrations generated by the transmission.

A flexible coupling is required when the coupled machines are installed on elastic supports. Paulstra Industry, a specialist in anti-vibration solutions and seals offers a wide range of flexible coupling solutions to meet all your needs.

IGS files and 3D views are available on every product page, tab "IGS files and 3D views", to allow you to verify whether the part matches your actual flexible coupling requirements.

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What is flexible coupling?

Composition of the anti-vibration mounts

Elastomer-type flexible couplings offer exceptional strength and durability due to a pre-compressed rubber component. This type of coupling consists of two different

  • hubs made of high-strength aluminium alloy, which allows for a lightweight and corrosion-resistant coupling;
  • a rubber component, to absorb shocks and limit vibrations and noise.

Advantages of anti-vibration solutions

Anti-vibration solutions such as flexible couplings protect the drive and the drive machines. Also, flexible couplings can handle all types of misalignment, up to a total misalignment of 1°. The high strength of these anti-vibration mounts allows them to withstand peak starting moments up to twice the specified continuous torque.

Beware, however, of certain so-called "critical" speeds, where machinery can generate very dry and harmful vibrations that can disrupt the dynamic balancing of flexible couplings. Lastly, by switching the metal hubs in this category of anti-vibration solutions, it is possible to use flexible coupling for different shaft end separations.

Paulstra Industry, an expert in flexible couplings

Paulstra Industry's entire range of flexible couplings is the result of decades of engineering. In order to meet your needs, we make it our priority to select high-quality materials and take particular care in the design of the vibration mounts themselves. We aim to offer you an effective and sustainable solution to the problems of vibration and noise associated with various industrial activities.

Our bushing also helps you reduce your equipment's vibrations when several elements support the weight of the moving part.

Contact our teams of specialists to carry out a vibro-acoustic diagnosis and determine the most suitable flexible coupling solution for your equipment.


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