Acoustic foams

Using acoustic foam to improve soundproofing

The STRASONIC® range of soundproofing foams includes a range of insulating and acoustic complexes. These foams are made of polyurethane or cellular rubber.

Paulstra Industry has developed its own acoustic foam to guarantee the best possible insulation, absorption and damping of airborne and solid-borne vibrations. STRASONIC® sound-absorbing foams ensure a considerable reduction in noise pollution by completely or partially enclosing a machine.

Learn more about our anti-vibration solutions by discovering our acoustic foam range: honeycomb foam, high-density PU foam and film, fire-resistant foam... Our products are suitable for all uses. Please note that the lower the frequencies or the louder the noise, the thicker the acoustic foam will have to be to provide the desired results.

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The benefits of acoustic foam insulation

Acoustic foams are essential to isolate your machines and reduce noise pollution, either by simple installation or by enclosure, depending on the type of use. Paulstra Industry's range of soundproofing foams is designed to be extremely effective at limiting the propagation of sound from industrial machinery.

Would you like to reduce the vibrations and noise of your machines? As a European market leader in vibration and sound insulation solutions, Paulstra Industry offers a complete range of elastomeric vibration isolation mounts.

In the industrial sector, several types of noise can be involved, whether they are solid or airborne vibrations. To prevent noise pollution, which affects the comfort of the technicians on-site and can cause premature damage to your equipment, STRASONIC soundproofing foams are made of polyurethane or cellular rubber. These materials are very suitable against airborne noise. Paulstra Industry also has soundproofing foams with a fire-resistance rating.

How does acoustic foam work?

The acoustic foams developed by our engineers absorb sound waves and reduce their intensity. Our soundproofing foams can be used in a variety of ways. Honeycomb foam, high-density PU foam, adhesive foam: these solutions combine performance, resistance and safety to respond to the constraints of industrialists.

The benefits

  • Improvement of soundproofing
  • Better acoustics and sound quality
  • Reduces noise pollution

Paulstra, an expert in sound insulation of industrial machinery

Since 1937, Paulstra Industry has specialised in the design and manufacture of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions for industrial use. Our products are suitable for several industry sectors: general, aeronautical, rail, marine, offshore and defence.

Our expertise and skills in the field of soundproofing and anti-vibration mounts according to your needs, providing you with a complete and precise diagnosis. Depending on your needs, we will provide you with our technical recommendations.


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