Vibsol® - Metallic mount

Antivibration support in stainless steel wire, slip resistant to harsh environments, easy installation.

The VIBSOL mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with an anti-slip elastomer pad on both side.
It is available in two versions:
    - a standard version with a natural frequency of 22 to 30 Hz (machine tools)
    - a thick version (W) with lower stiffness and a natural frequency of 15 to 22 Hz (metal forming machines)




The VIBSOL® stand allows vibratory insulation of rotating machines with a good impact resistance by simple installation under the frame.
It is insensitive to oils, temperature and fatigue.
It ensures a very good stability of the suspended machine.
A wide range of loads, with constant own frequency, allows an easy choice of the support.


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Applications for this product

Machine tools

Presses and shears


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