Radiaflex® RTP - Elastic coupling

Stud couplings for very high torque and resumption of axial forces.

► Elastic element consisting of a number of ELASTIC STUDS according to the couples to be transmitted:
    - mass of natural rubber of truncated shape.
    - internal frame adhered to rubber.
    - screw stud.
    - external frame adhered to rubber.
    - threaded rod welded to the frame.
    - metallic cylindrical bell.
► Steel flanges:
    - identical flanges, bolted on the sleeves and receiving the studs in the notches.
► Sleeves:
    - die-cast steel.

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The design of the RADIAFLEX® RTP coupling confers the following properties:
► Radial disassembly of the studs without moving the coupled machines;
► At low and medium torques: work of rubber in compression;
► At high torques: progressive rubber stop effect against metal bells;
► Positive security;
► Axially can withstand tensile or compressive forces (e.g., propeller thrust and traction).

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