Cardaflex® - Elastic coupling

Compact couplings for high rotation speeds, means for couples.

There are two variations of the CARDAFLEX coupling: hollow hub and solid hub.

Flexible element:
   -Formed of solid natural rubber.
   -External steel surround, bonded to the rubber.
   -Triangular hub: a hollow hub bonded to the rubber and attached to the flange, or a solid hub which accommodates a grooved or keyed shaft.
Steel flanges:




Especially in the case of the CARDAFLEX solid hub coupling, the space occupied by the unit is much reduced.
The outer surround of the flexible element can be centred directly onto the flywheel of one of the machines to be coupled.


The CARDAFLEX® coupling design gives it the following properties:
Positive safety operation
Relatively low conical stiffness
A compact shape
Good use at high speeds

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