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Electrical enclosures

Anti-vibration mounts for electrical enclosures

The electrical enclosure is constructed as a cabinet or box. They are essential to have on every industrial or commercial site and are therefore abundant. Whether outdoors or indoors, they must protect the electrical grids or the cables and wires that they contain. Stainless steel, metal or polyester electrical enclosures must be suspended to avoid transmitting vibrations and shocks to their components. This extends these components’ service life and ensures that they function properly. Paulstra has developed a range of specific products to protect the delicate elements inside an electrical enclosure.

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The role of the electrical enclosure

The electrical enclosure is a large box that includes an installation's various electrical power distributions. The electrical enclosure has the same role as an electrical panel, it will protect an electrical installation and manage its energy.

The electrical enclosure is used for large-scale applications in the service sector, and construction or industrial sites. It is located in boiler rooms and rooms with lift machinery. Private homes do not have an electrical enclosure.

What does an electrical enclosure contain?

The electrical enclosure is composed of several distinctive elements:

  • a metal or plastic structure that will contain the electrical or computer cables and wires,
  • fixing systems and strips for hanging the various content modules;
  • the different protection modules, remote control, etc.;
  • an emergency stop button;
  • an electrical surge protection device.

Electrical enclosure and vibrations

To protect the components it contains, the electrical enclosure must not be subjected to significant and/or prolonged vibrations. These could cause premature damage to electrical modules such as cables and wires stored in the electrical box. Therefore, the electrical enclosure must be suspended as well as sufficiently insulated. This will ensure that it is completely protected from vibrations resulting from construction activity.

That is why Paulstra has developed a range of anti-vibration solutions that counteract electrical enclosure risks and the vibrations that are transferred through the walls and floors. You will also find:

To find out which Paulstra anti-vibration solutions are most suitable for your situation have our teams perform a vibroacoustic audit. Don't wait any longer: contact us!

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