7002 mount - Metallic mount

AVMs amortized for fixed and mobile applications, metal springs.

The 7002 damper has a satin finish treated AG3 casing and mounting plate, a stainless steel centre axis. A spring and stainless steel cushion provide the resilient elements. It has four Ø 5.2 mounting holes in the base and a tapped hole in the centre axis.





Its own axial frequency between 7 and 10 Hz and its integrated limit stop enable the 7002 damper to be used for the protection of electronic or computer equipment, navigation equipment, and on-board measuring instruments.
It can also be used as a fixed station to suspend control panels on industrial machines.
Its all-metal constitution allows it to work in the most severe environmental conditions.

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Applications for this product

Air conditioners

Electronic equipments

Onboard Equipments

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