Square metallic mount - VI786-A06 / VI700-A06 / VI700-B06

Cushion antivibration wire resistant to high temperature stainless steel piping decoupling.

This suspension system consists of rectangular cushions made of woven compressed stainless steel wire. The VI786 have a Ø 9 bored screw hole, so that they can be mounted in collars with the diameters required by the user.




Insensitive to aggressive agents, oils, greases, corrosion, it resists extreme temperatures from -70°C to +300°C.

The clean frequency between 15 and 20 Hz allows a solid decoupling of the pipe support and thus improves the acoustic levels and the free expansion of the columns.


This space-saving suspension is particularly suitable for the insulation of exhaust manifold piping for engines of on-board or stationary power generating sets in buildings.

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Applications for this product

Electrical enclosures

Machine tools


Overhead cranes



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