MV70 / MV71 / MV72 / MV73 mounts

All metal mount design to carry load in compression or tension and which includes an internal limit stop.




Protection of components, assemblies and electronic equipment mounted in aircraft, road vehicles and trains including navigation equipment, control consoles, measuring instruments.


Max permitted excitation at natural frequency :
MV70 : ± 0,3 mm.
MV71 : ± 0,4 mm.
MV72 : ± 0,45 mm.
MV73 : ± 0,45 mm.
Amplification factor at resonance : < 4. Operating temperature : - 70 °C to + 300 °C.

Structural strengh corresponds to continuous acceleration of 10g with maximum load
Internal snubber design for equivalent performance during continuous acceleration at maximum load

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Applications for this product

Air conditioning - AHU

Electronic equipments

Embedded equipment

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