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Anti-vibration mounts for transformers

The transformation of electrical power, whether for industrial, public, or private purposes, requires the installation of heavy equipment. This equipment generates a continuous vibration (usually 50 Hz), which is a source of noise pollution. Paulstra offers anti-vibration solutions for these transformers, both from EDF (Electricity of France) and other sources.

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What is an electrical transformer?

An electrical transformer is a machine that can be used to increase or decrease the voltage of the current. It is a passive and completely static device that has no moving parts. The transformation of the electric current is generally quite efficient.  There are two types of transformers: static transformers, which operate by magnetic induction, and rotary converters, which transmit energy between a generator and an electric motor.

Electrical transformer and vibration isolation

The electrical transformer is heavy and generates continuous vibrations. This causes noise pollution in the immediate vicinity of the transformer and therefore requires the use of an anti-vibration treatment. This vibro-acoustic correction is the only possible solution for smooth and continuous electrical transformer operation.

Vibration and sound insulation solutions by Paulstra

Paulstra has decades of expertise and experience in vibration isolation. We offer a range of effective elastomeric and metallic vibration isolation mounts for electrical transformers. These anti-vibration solutions are placed under the transformer to isolate it from the ground. This considerably reduces vibrations and noise. Contact Paulstra's vibration isolation specialists to help you find the most suitable vibration isolation mounts for your situation.

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