Overhead cranes

Anti-vibration solutions for overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are tools that are regularly installed in industrial halls. Thanks to their motorisation, they allow the handling of heavy materials and objects. Today's cranes are often equipped with sensitive electronics, which is why protection against vibration and shock is so important.
Hutchinson Paulstra offers a wide range of anti-vibration mounts to protect your crane equipment.


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What is an overhead crane?

An overhead crane is a handling device used for lifting and transferring heavy loads. This device is very frequently found in industrial warehouses. It is different from a gantry, semi-gantry, jib crane, crane or monorail in its specific design. An overhead crane consists of two main parts:

  • a horizontal steel structure, the bridge, which moves on two tracks;
  • suspended or installed winches that allow the hoisting cable to be wound up with the hoisting hook mounted at the end.

The various travel axes of a crane can be manual or motorised and the crane can also move transversely to the runways using a system of one or more beams. The crane is controlled by an operator from a cabin on the ground which protects it from the weather, noise and possibly toxic fumes. The motorisation that allows the machine to move generates significant vibrations that must be reduced as much as possible to protect the crane parts.

Efficient anti-vibration mounts by Paulstra

To this end, Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a specific range of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts and metallic anti-vibration mounts designed to limit the vibrations emitted by the motorisation of overhead cranes. These are a source of noise and contribute to premature wear of the tool parts. Thus, to determine the most suitable anti-vibration solutions for your specific case, we invite you to contact Paulstra's anti-vibration engineers to establish an audit and implement effective solutions.

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