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Anti-vibration solutions for ceilings

False or suspended ceilings, apart from their decorative aspect, allow the installation of sound and even vibration insulation, for the comfort of the occupied rooms and neighbouring rooms.
To reduce parasitic noise and improve acoustic and vibration insulation, Hutchinson Paulstra offers a range of elastomeric or metallic anti-vibration hangers and acoustic foams.


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Self-supporting or suspended ceiling?

If the installation of a false ceiling is an opportunity to give a room or a space a new look, it is also an opportunity to achieve sound and vibration insulation. This is to avoid the vibrational and acoustic discomfort of the upper floor. What are the differences between a self-supporting ceiling and a suspended ceiling?

The self-supporting false ceiling

The self-supporting false ceiling consists of a framework of rails and uprights that is fixed from wall to wall. This type of false ceiling is very easy to install. It is also the solution with the best intrinsic sound insulation due to its complete lack of connection to the upper floor.

Suspended ceiling

The suspended ceiling also has a grid; however, this is attached to the frameworks or the floor above with joists. The construction of a suspended ceiling saves space and can be easily adapted to all room sizes and configurations. It is also the solution that offers the best thermal insulation. However, its connection to the upper floor or frameworks makes it conductive to solid and acoustic vibrations from the upper floor.

Acoustic Hangers and sound insulation

To limit the transmission of vibrations and noise, acoustic hangers and acoustic foams are essential to insulate a self-supporting or suspended ceiling correctly. In this sense, Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a complete range of acoustic hangers in elastomer or metal, to allow efficient vibration insulation even in case of installation of a false ceiling with hangers. Also, the use of acoustic foams significantly reduces noise from the upper floor, whether you are installing a self-supporting or suspended ceiling solution. Contact Paulstra's experts to help you choose the most suitable vibration control lines and sound deadening foams for your specific use.

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