Anti-vibration solutions for compressors

Air compressors, which are often piston-driven, are major sources of vibration. Placed in workshops or embarked on rolling stock (trains, trucks, ships, etc.), they require the installation of low-frequency suspensions, elastomeric or metallic, which reduce the vibration levels to protect the structures and improve the acoustics of the room.

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How does a compressor work?

Although there are different models of compressors, their operation remains broadly the same to serve the same purpose: to increase or decrease the volume of a given gas.

The operating process of a compressor, therefore, consists of two main steps, regardless of the type of machine: pressurisation and depressurisation.


Air pressurised in a tank is compressed. As a result, the gas molecules try to escape with force; the stored energy can be released at once to, for example, activate a tool.

The more air that is trapped in the compressor tank, the higher the pressure and the more energy that will be released.


Depressurisation is the release of air from the tank. At this point, the molecules have more space and relax, causing the pressure in the compressor to decrease.

Compressors and vibro-acoustic issues

Due to the amount of energy stored and the power released, compressors generate a lot of low-frequency vibrations which can damage nearby equipment or structures. These machines also generate significant noise pollution for nearby operators. These vibro-acoustic problems can be dealt with by the installation of suitable anti-vibration and acoustic supports.

Paulstra vibro-acoustic solutions

Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a complete range of vibro-acoustic solutions adapted to the reduction of low-frequency vibrations generated by compressors.

The anti-vibration and acoustic solutions distributed by Paulstra are suitable for a variety of uses. Would you like to be guided in finding the most suitable ones for you? Contact us.

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