Anti-vibration solutions for pipes

The circulation of fluids in pipes generates vibrations that can be transmitted to load-bearing walls through fasteners and mounts. It is necessary to install hangers and mounts that reduce or eliminate the transmission of vibrations.

Hutchinson Paulstra offers a range of anti-vibration mounts and hangers. IGS files and 3D views are available on every product page, tab "IGS files and 3D views".


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Pipes and vibration

In various industrial environments, fluids regularly circulate through piping systems which causes them to vibrate. These vibrations are then passed through the load-bearing walls using the various pipe mounts and attachments. The repeated vibration of the walls weakens them. However, it is essential to ensure the strength and sturdiness of a load-bearing wall because the entire structure's stability depends on it.

Anti-vibration mounts for pipes

Manufacturers need to limit vibrations in the piping of their structures. In response, Hutchinson Paulstra develops and designs a wide range of anti-vibration solutions, mounts, and hangers. These different solutions are called "passive control" because they reduce the vibration transmission from the pipes to the walls simply by absorbing them.


In this section, you will find our recommendations for elastomeric or metallic anti-vibration mounts, as well as metal cushions. These parts are essential for significantly reducing the vibration of piping systems. These vibrations are often caused by the circulation of high-pressured fluids.

  • Elastomeric anti-vibration hangers are made of a rubber and metal combination, which helps to absorb vibrations, noise, and shocks. They insulate pipes from walls, particularly load-bearing walls, to protect the wall's stability.
  • Metal vibration mounts are stainless steel shock absorbers that have excellent shock absorption rates.


The various anti-vibration mounts offered by Hutchinson Paulstra are used for pipe vibration and noise insulation as well as a variety of other purposes. Contact our teams for a vibro-acoustic assessment of your equipment and to find the best anti-vibration solution for your needs.

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