Anti-vibration solutions for hoppers

Hoppers are funnels that allow the storage and controlled distribution of products. They are generally equipped with vibrating motors or vibrators to permit a smoother flow of products. The choice of anti-vibration mounts requires great care, as they must meet two criteria: they must allow the hopper to vibrate as well as limit the vibrations that are transferred to the immediate environment.

Accordingly, Paulstra Industry has a range of anti-vibration mounts capable of meeting the specific needs of industrial equipment such as hoppers.

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Vibrating hoppers for storage and distribution

Vibrating hoppers are used in various industrial sectors: food processing, manufacturing, construction, but also in agriculture or animal farming. These large funnels are used to store products and materials of all kinds as well as facilitate their distribution and handling. The hoppers can therefore contain gravel, sand, grains, salt, soil, waste to be disposed of, etc. There are a variety of possible uses.

Hoppers are often labelled as "vibrating" due to their vibrating motor. The vibrations in the hopper body permit the stored material to flow more smoothly. The hopper motor is switched off during storage and it is activated when it is time to distribute the hopper's contents. However, this type of engine generates strong vibrations which must be limited to protect the hopper's surrounding environment from vibration waves.

Anti-vibration mounts for vibrating hoppers

Anti-vibration mounts for vibrating hoppers must meet two requirements:

  • prevent structure-borne sound waves from diffusing into the surrounding environment and keep the nearby machinery running smoothly,
  • maintain the vibrations necessary for the flow of the material stored in the hopper.

For this reason, Hutchinson Paulstra offers a variety of specific vibro-acoustic products. They are specially designed for the acoustic and vibratory insulation of hopper motors. Based on decades of experience and innovation, we have developed a variety of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts and acoustic foams. They will completely insulate the hopper from its environment, without hindering engine operation.

Paulstra's anti-vibration mounts are suitable for many uses. Ask our experts for a vibro-acoustic assessment of your situation. They will assist you in finding the best vibration and sound insulation solution for your needs.

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