Slabs and floating floors

Anti-vibration solutions for floating floors and slabs

It is necessary to insulate from acoustic and acoustical and vibratory slabs and floating floors to improve the comfort of the building's occupants.

Acoustic and vibration insulation of floating slabs and floors is necessary to improve the building's occupants' living conditions.

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Floating floor and slab characteristics

Floating floor tiles are an ideal floor covering for residential and commercial buildings. Accessible and easy to install, floating slabs are attached without any firm attachment to the floor itself.

While suitable for all types of spaces, floating floors are made of thinner, lower-quality materials than real parquet or tile. As a result, this type of flooring is highly conductive to vibrations, which can lead to discomfort and noise pollution for the building's residents.

Paulstra: anti-vibration mounts for slabs and specific floating floors

That is why Paulstra has developed a complete range of anti-vibration mounts for floating floors and slabs. These solutions are designed to achieve two objectives:

  • to improve the comfort of the occupants of a building,
  • to extend the lifespan of equipment in the field.

These vibro-acoustic support references are integrated under floating slabs and floors, which they support and for which they will considerably limit the conduction of vibrations and noise pollution linked to the operation of any machines and the use of the occupants.

  • Elastomeric anti-vibration mounts
  • Metal anti-vibration mounts

Paula’s solutions, developed and distributed with over 80 years of research and development in vibro-acoustic insulation solutions, are suitable for a wide range of uses. Do you want to know what products are best for you? Contact us.


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