Anti-vibration solutions for shredders

The shredder is a device used for crushing, grinding or shredding various substances in a wide range of industries (food processing, recycling, etc.). Vibrations and shocks are generated by rotating unbalance. They must be isolated from the structure by using adequate anti-vibration and acoustic solutions. The suspensions offered by Hutchinson Paulstra increase the structural durability and help to protect the mechanical parts from the surrounding environment.

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What is a shredder?

A shredder is a machine that is widely used in industries, from food processing to recycling. This device allows large quantities of various materials (plants, grains, electronic waste, car parts, etc.) to be quickly shredded, crushed or ground up.

At the end of the process, the crushed or shredded waste is more easily sorted and/or recycled. This is why the shredder is one of the most important machines in the industry.

Why integrate acoustic and vibratory solutions into a shredder?

When the shredder is running, the speed and power released generate vibrations from the imbalance in mass distribution. Intense and/or prolonged shocks and vibrations can damage the components that otherwise keep the shredder running smoothly. The structure of the tool must always be effectively insulated. If not, it can result in damage to the tool and nearby mechanical components.

Accordingly, Hutchinson Paulstra proposes anti-vibration and acoustic solutions for a wide range of uses. They have the necessary equipment to significantly reduce vibrations generated by shredding or crushing. Paulstra has a range of various vibro-acoustic isolator mounts that ensure the durability of the equipment and nearby machines. Additionally, it reduces noise pollution for people in the vicinity.

The range of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions designed and distributed by Paulstra consists of:

Paulstra offers you their expertise in vibro-acoustic assessments to ensure that you receive personalised support during the installation of a vibro-acoustic insulation solution. To find out more, contact us at.

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