Machine cabins

Anti-vibration solutions for machine cabins

To improve driver comfort, machine cabins should be protected with anti-vibration mounts adapted to the surrounding vibrations and shocks (vehicle engine vibrations, vibrations and shocks generated by general operating activities).

The metal parts are protected from corrosion to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The cabin mounts are compliant with the RoHS Directive and can be manufactured using a variety of elastomer blends, depending on the client's requirements. This makes it possible to adjust the mount choice depending on the load and the excitation frequency.

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Machine cabins are susceptible to vibration

Machine cabins are extremely susceptible to the vibrations and shocks generated by their surroundings. This includes but is not limited to construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, railway vehicles and loading equipment. Powerful machine engines as well as operating movements can generate considerable shocks and vibrations.

Shocks and vibrations make the machine uncomfortable for the operator and may affect the machine's service life by damaging the machine's engine components and operating system.

Vibration and sound insulation of a machine cabin

Due to their constant exposure to intense shocks and vibrations, it is necessary to insulate the machine cabins against noise and vibration. This will improve the machine's overall durability and performance over time while also enhancing operator comfort.

Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a wide range of vibro-acoustic solutions to provide the best possible protection for machine cabins. They are intended for use in a variety of different machine cabins:

The Hutchinson Paulstra teams' many years of experience in the field guarantee products with unbeatable quality and durability.

Discover the many uses for our anti-vibration and acoustic solutions, or contact us for any question, assessment request, etc.

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