Electronic equipments

Anti-vibration solutions for electronic equipment

Electronic equipment, such as hard disks and electronic components, are very often sensitive to vibration and shock. They must therefore be protected to ensure their functioning and prolong their life.

Paulstra develops a wide range of specific low load products for the protection of this fragile electronic equipment.

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What is electronic equipment?

The general term "electronic equipment" covers electronic parts such as hard disks and multiple components that can be found in the manufacture of an object such as a telephone or a computer, on an industrial or private equipment level.

Due to their high sensitivity to vibration and shock, these electronic components are fragile. It is therefore essential to protect them with dedicated anti-vibration mounts. This ensures that the electronic equipment works properly and lasts longer. In addition, the machine, of which the electronic components are a part, also benefits.

Paulstra's anti-vibration mounts

Paulstra has developed a range of specific anti-vibration mounts for the vibration and sound isolation of electronic equipment.

  • Elastomeric anti-vibration mounts
  • Metal anti-vibration mounts

Mounts, anti-vibration feet mounts, fixing plugs... These products are the result of more than 80 years of experience in vibro-acoustic insulation solutions and guarantee a high degree of shock and vibration attenuation for electronic equipment.

The solutions developed and distributed by Paulstra are suitable for a wide range of uses. Do you want to know what products are best for you? Contact us.

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