Isoler vibrations matériaux

Testing equipment

Anti-vibration solutions for testing equipment

Different testing devices require a very high degree of accuracy, whether they are measuring pressure, temperature, altitude, surface condition or flatness. Depending on their field of use, testing equipment can be either embedded or built into the workshop.
To guarantee the highest accuracy of measurements and increased the life span of the testing equipment, Hutchinson Paulstra has developed a specific range of suspensions that will meet the most demanding requirements.

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The different control materials

In many fields, from industry to aeronautics, there is a wide range of control equipment that can measure a multitude of parameters:

  • odometer, for speed and distance travelled;
  • thermometer, for temperature;
  • manometer, for pressure;
  • altimeter, for temperature;
  • Whether your measuring equipment is embedded (in the case of construction tools, in a vehicle such as a plane, boat, train, etc.) or whether it is an integrated inspection tool in the workshop, there is no doubt that your measurements need to be extremely accurate. For this, it is essential to neutralise any vibrations emitted by the operation of your control equipment.

Anti-vibration mounts, a Paulstra solution

To meet the highest demands on measurement accuracy, Paulstra offers a complete range of anti-vibration mounts. These solutions are carefully designed using materials of exceptional quality. Discover our range of elastomeric anti-vibration mounts and metal mounts for embedded and integrated control and measurement equipment. Let's work together to define the most appropriate solutions for your specific installation to ensure both the accuracy and longevity of your testing equipment.

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