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Acoustic foam solutions for enclosures

Installing anti-vibration mounts underneath the machines isolates the structure-borne vibrations and reduces the noise they cause. A watertight enclosure equipped with STRASONIC foams significantly reduces residual airborne noise. Paulstra offers a broad range of foams that can be used for any purpose and environment to insulate machines.

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What is a machine enclosure, or covering?

The covering, also known as the machine enclosure, is the installation of an insulating box, around a machine that is too loud and cannot be silenced on its own. The covering refers to the technique as a whole, while the machine enclosure refers to the installation of a tight box around the tool.

The enclosure is extremely effective in reducing airborne noise, particularly in the mid to high-frequency range.

It is a relatively simple technique to implement and cost-effective in terms of investment and operating costs. The advantage of the enclosure is that it contains the machine but does not interfere with any operations around it.

In addition to noise insulation, the enclosure has the added benefit of managing heat and dust development at the source.

How do you make a cover or machine enclosure?

There are two steps to creating a machine enclosure or cover:

  1. Isolating the machine from the ground using anti-vibration mounts,
  2. design a cover lined with acoustic foam to insulate the machine.

The enclosure does require some functional openings to be maintained, depending on the access needs of the machine. These may include maintenance accesses, service or observation windows, product entry and exit points, passages for hoses and power cables, ventilation, dust collection and cooling openings.

Paulstra acoustic foams for machine enclosures

To ensure effective enclosure of your machines, Paulstra offers a wide range of Strasonic acoustic foams: smooth foams, honeycomb acoustic foams, heavy mass foams, M1/F3 fire resistant acoustic foams, etc.

Hutchinson Paulstra also offers a wide range of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions for many uses and offers you its expertise in vibration-acoustic assessments as well as customised support. To find the best solution for your particular case, contact us at.


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