Anti-vibration solutions for lifts

A lift is a mobile device used to move people and objects up and down defined levels in a building. The lift is typically installed in a shaft which is usually found inside the building. It generates solid vibrations which are caused by the engine power. To improve the comfort of lift users, Paulstra has developed various technical solutions to limit vibrations and reduce noise levels (anti-vibration mounts, acoustic foam, etc.).

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Two lift types used

Currently, two types of lifts are used in buildings: the hydraulic lift and electric lifts.

Hydraulic lift

The pistons and cylinders of a hydraulic lift are operated by a hydraulic power station. This system is typically suited for buildings that have up to 6 storeys. The machinery in this type of lift is generally smooth and quiet depending on whether you opt for a hydraulic underground, surface or telescopic surface cylinder lift.

Electric lift

The electric lift is the most commonly used model in today's buildings, especially in buildings with more than 6 floors. The electric lift is faster and more economical than the hydraulic lift. Its machinery is composed of several sub-functions. These include gearless lifts, which do not have a hoist. There are also lifts with a drum hoist and traction lifts, which entails a pulley connected to a geared motor.

How a lift works

To operate a lift, mechanical cables are used to raise or lower the car along with guides, while a counterweight ensures the car's safety. Various safety systems program the lift's speed, the landing doors opening on each floor, and a car blocking in the event of an incident.

The machinery of different lift models includes the drive mechanism and motor. It is usually stored in a dedicated technical area, which is either in the basement of the building, in the highest part, or directly in the shaft of the device.

Our vibro-acoustic solutions for lifts

There is a lot of machinery, high traction forces along with the guides, and the cabin's constant lifting and descending movements. As a result, lifts are prone to vibration and noise pollution. This is why Paulstra has developed a range of anti-vibration and acoustic solutions:

In addition to improving user comfort, Paulstra's anti-vibration and acoustic solutions will extend the lift's service life. Constant vibration contributes to premature wear and tear of machinery components. Limiting its structure-borne vibration supports the equipment's service life.

Take a look at the many vibro-acoustic solutions Paulstra offers to improve the service quality and function of your lifts! Would you like to get an analysis to determine which products are best for your specific needs? Do not wait: contact us!


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