Laboratory equipment

Anti-vibration solutions for laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment is usually made up of equipment that is sensitive to external vibrations. This also applies to the various products that can be stored there or are used for experiments and measurements. Therefore, to ensure the quality and validity of the measurements, the laboratory equipment must be properly insulated.
In this sense, Hutchinson Paulstra has implemented a whole range of anti-vibration mounts adapted to laboratory equipment.


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A laboratory is a high-risk place for vibrations

It does not matter whether we are talking about a scientific, industrial or gastronomic laboratory: everything that takes place in these places cannot be subjected to uncontrolled vibrations. Some chemical reactions are particularly sensitive to vibration, which can affect the results of manipulation and, consequently, the measurements made by laboratory technicians. In addition, some products and materials are extremely fragile.

For all these reasons, and to ensure that qualitative, reliable and valid measurements are maintained, laboratories must be isolated from external vibrations. Unwanted transfer of solid-state vibration is a major risk factor that could jeopardise all work carried out in the laboratory.

Paulstra's elastomeric and metallic anti-vibration mounts

Hutchinson Paulstra offers a specific range of elastomeric and metallic anti-vibration mounts to ensure the quality of laboratory work and the reliability of measurements. These different anti-vibration solutions are perfectly suited to machine tools in laboratories, which are the main sources of vibrations, as well as to furniture that may receive the transmitted vibrations. Paulstra's anti-vibration mounts cover all ranges of low, medium and high frequencies: they will assure a perfectly insulated laboratory from vibro-acoustic nuisances! Do you want to insulate your laboratory?

Contact a Paulstra specialist to establish a vibro-acoustic diagnosis and define the appropriate solutions for your situation, taking into account your needs and your laboratory equipment.

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