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EPDM based cellular rubber half closed cells. Thickness 22.5 mm. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range continuous from - 40°C to + 130°C. Very good resistance to air, ozone and UV. Very flexible. Good ageing resis-tance. Waterproof if slightly compressed. Fire resistance: FMVSS 302.

STRASONIC® is a range of complex materials designed to provide the best acoustic isolation. Their structure is based on polyurethane foams or cellular rubber. Their main function is to reduce airborne noise (Isolation, Absorption and Damping) in partial or complete enclosures of machinery.




This Strasonic acoustic foam is highly resistant to ozone, air and UV rays.

Very flexible, having a good resistance to aging and waterproof to water run-off under compression, the EPDM sound foam with semi-closed cells is a very versatile product for insulation in industrial machinery.

The sound-absorbing foam proposed by Hutchinson Paulstra demonstrates all its acoustic performance potential from 2,000 Hz.



Continuous foam operating temperatures from - 40°C to + 130°C;
Fire resistance of Strasonic sound foam: FMVSS 302;
Presentation of the foam for sound insulation in plates of dimensions 500 x 500 mm, for 22.5 mm of thickness and 0.94 kg per plate;
K average absorption of acoustic foam EPDM: > 30% from 400 Hz;
Maximum sound absorption K of the reference: 72% at 700 Hz.

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Applications for this product

Metal machine enclosures

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