Diagnosis and resolution of vibro-acoustic problems


Hutchinson Paulstra offers you its engineering services for the diagnosis and resolution of vibro-acoustic problems your business is facing.


Do you find the facilities at your company site very noisy? Do your employees tell you about significant noise pollution in your company's premises? Hutchinson Paulstra places its expertise in vibro-acoustic diagnostics and the implementation of tailor-made engineering solutions at your service.


Our company Hutchinson Paulstra specializes in vibro-acoustic solutions: elastomeric or metallic antivibration mounts, acoustic foams, elastic joints and couplings, simple and dynamic seals ... Our expertise and the scope of our offer allow us to provide a suitable response to any type of business faced with a problem of noise or vibration pollution.


In addition to causing real noise pollution for your company's employees, installations and machines that generate significant vibrations also risk being damaged more quickly. This is why Hutchinson Paulstra offers you its engineering services: personalized support from diagnosis to the implementation of an adequate and sustainable solution over the long term.


Vibration measurement
Our experts come to your company's sites to analyze all of the vibration sources and give you a report on your current situation and our recommendations in terms of anti-vibration solutions.


Technical recommendations
Using recommendations from calculation software developed by our company Hutchinson Paulstra and relying on our entire range of anti-vibration mounts and seals, our teams of specialists determine the anti-vibration solutions best suited to your needs. We also develop, in partnership with you, technical solutions corresponding to your specifications.


Hutchinson Paulstra offers you its expertise in the field of vibro-acoustics, whatever the sector of activity of your company. Whether your request relates to aeronautics, the automotive, rail, general, marine, offshore or defense industry, our specialists will be able to support you to improve the lifespan of your facilities and comfort for your employees and customers.

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