E1E11S**E* / E1E12S**E* / E1E13S**E*

Shock and vibration mount in damped silicone for tension and compression use.

E1E11S**E* / E1E12S**E* / E1E13S**E* VHDS elastomer able to carry loads under compression and traction. 
Pedestal, washer and shaft in 18/8 stainless steel.

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Protecting electronic equipment, navigation equipment, instrument panels, measuring instruments, control panels on aircraft, road vehicles and railway trains.

Application for this product

Electronic equipments
Electronic equipments

Electronic equipments, as hard disk drive or electronic components, are very sensitive to...

Onboard Equipments
Onboard Equipments

Communication units, power groups, converters, hard drives, monitors, air conditioning, .....

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