Vibration damped spring system for floating slab of concrete, effective mitigation.

Vibraflot<sup>®</sup> VIBRAFLOT is an antivibration system consisting of the following elements : 
Metallic box containing a low frequency spring. 
Elastomer sheet to isolate high frequencies. 
System to fift the floating floor and set its height

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Low natural frequency. 
High level of vibration attenuation. 
Improved stability of the suspension and reduced vibration amplitude. 
Improved operational life for suspended machinery. 
Integated system controlling the height of the floor. 
Mounts are accessible if modifications are required.

These low frequency mounts isolate the floating floor from the structure of the building. 
This system is particularly beneficial when used in the following applications : 
Music clubs and auditoriums, concert theatres, cinemas, recording studios. 
Technical and laboratory buildings closed to noisy and vibratory machinery. 
Buildings close to busy roads and railway lines. 
Dance floors and disco’s.

Application for this product

Slabs and floating floors
Slabs and floating floors

The antivibration mountings produced by Paulstra for the slab and suspended floors improve...

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