Anti-vibration mount for fixed and mobile equipment with protective cover.

Stabiflex The STABIFLEX mount comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts. 
Centre axis with threaded hole. 
Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole. 
Bonded natural rubber, anti-slip bead. 
Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load.

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The machine may be placed with its mounts directly on the ground. 
Speed of fixing. 
Easy movement of suspended machinery. 
Rubber protected against harmful liquids. 
Extensive range: 3 hardnesses of rubber for 5 existing types, allowing the mount to be optimised as a function of the load and forcing frequency. 
May be used with an anti-rebound washer. 
 In order not to affect the performances of the mounting system, all external connections must be flexible. 
STABIFLEX mounts must be fitted so that the vibration input is in the axial direction.

The design of the STABIFLEX mount gives the following basic characteristics: 
Axial elasticity two or three times higher than radial elasticity. 
The rubber works in shear/compression. 
Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload. 
Anti-slip (may be placed directly on the ground).

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